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Orchestrating Attitude
  Orchestrating Attitude
by Lee J. Colan

Our Price: $10.95

The topic of attitude can be conceptual and confusing.  In fact, as we go through life we often hear phrases like:  “keep your chin up,” “look on the bright side” or “you need a winning attitude.”  Unfortunately, we seldom know how convert these soft sayings into hard results. 

The great news is that even in the worst situations your attitude is something you can always control!

This book translates the incomprehensible into the actionable.  It cuts through the clutter to deliver inspiration and application so you can orchestrate your attitude….. and your success.

Companion Products :

  Orchestrating Attitude Presentation

Our Price: $99.95

Introduce and reinforce the Orchestrating Attitude instruments to your team with this presentation. All the key points and ideas in the book are reinforced in this professionally produced, downloadable PowerPoint presentation.

  Orchestrating Attitude Quick Reference Cards (Set of 10)

Our Price: $9.95

These attractively designed, quick-reference cards summarize the nine Instruments for orchestrating your thoughts, word and actions.

Pocket-sized, laminated. (set of 10)

  Accelerate Sales and Service Package
Our Price: $129.95


Eight dynamic books on how to get and keep customers. Only $129.95!


Quantity Discounts:

31 or more for $9.95 ea.
100 or more for $7.95 ea.

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