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Monday Morning Leadership Training Program

Our Price: $139.00

Monday Morning Leadership Training Program

What if every one of your managers could spend eight sessions with a mentor? What would the impact be on your organization and your business?

The Monday Morning Leadership Training Program is designed to mentor your managers and help them develop the eight key leadership principles outlined in the best-selling book Monday Morning Leadership. The practical, step-by-step lessons are valuable for everyone - from new managers to experienced leaders. The concepts presented are simple, doable, and can be implemented immediately. But more importantly, they work! They work because the principles are relevant to the realities and challenges your managers face every day.

The Monday Morning Leadership Training Program will help your people develop the skills necessary to move from managers to leaders. Specifically, participants will:

  • Recognize the importance of eliminating blame and accepting total responsibility for accomplishing goals and objectives;
  • Understand why confusion is the biggest workplace stressor and the most significant obstacle to keeping employees focused on the "main thing";
  • Learn why it's critical that every person on the team, regardless of performance, be coached;
  • Discover that integrity is the foundation of trust, an essential element of successful leadership;
  • Learn the value of hiring tough and how to apply the Three Rules of Three to find the right people for the team;
  • Accept responsibility for their own time management and take control of their time by prioritizing and organizing;
  • Learn how to implement the Four Rules of Bucket Filling to keep team members motivated;
  • Discover specific strategies to stay in the learning zone.

Every manager who attends this program will walk away with those specific action items that will have the biggest impact on their leadership success. And, they will fully understand what Tony meant when he said, "Everything counts when it comes to leadership!"

Complete Training Kit includes:

  • Audio CD
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Slide CD
  • 136 Presentation Tips
  • Facilitator Guide

Companion Products :

  Monday Morning Leadership

Our Price: $14.95

Business Week Top 15 Business Book! Over 1,500,000 in print. Everyone likes a good story ... especially if there are lessons that can be immediately applied to life. This book is one of those stories, about a manager and his mentor.

  Monday Morning Leadership Presentation

Our Price: $99.95

Enhance the Monday Morning Leadership experience in your organization with this complete presentation. Use the presentation for kickoff meetings, training sessions, or as a follow-up reinforcement tool.

  Monday Morning Leadership (Audio CD)

Our Price: $19.95

Special Segment: Author David Cottrell tells the story behind the story.

Everyone likes a good story ... especially if there are lessons that can be immediately applied to life.

  Monday Morning Communications Presentation

Our Price: $99.95

The Monday Morning Communications presentation is the perfect way to kick off the communications improvement program from the Monday Morning Communications book.

  Monday Morning Leadership for Women (Audio CD)

Our Price: $19.95

Monday Morning Leadership for Women is an inspirational story about a manager and her mentor. It provides insights and wisdom on how to deal with leadership issues that are unique to women.