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Escape from Management Land
  Escape from Management Land
by David Cottrell, Ken Carnes

Our Price: $14.95

Written to entertain and to teach, "Escape From Management Land" is a fictional and, at times, outlandish tale. But at some point in your career, you will find yourself in Management Land, struggling to escape.

This book is also written to show how even great leaders occasionally fall into the trap of Management Land and have to make the journey back to Leader Land.
Most readers will be able to relate to, and recall, personal experiences similar to those in Escape from Management Land.   However, rather than just depicting the situations and providing the symptoms to look for, this book offers the solutions youÍll need to recognize and escape from actions that push even the best leaders back to Management Land from time to time.

Accompany Erik as he learns the invaluable, and often unforgettable, lessons about leadership.  Then, decide if youÍre willing to do what it takes to escape Management Land and move into Leader Land.

Read, enjoy, learn, and have a great trip!

Companion Products :

  Escape From Management Land Presentation

Our Price: $99.95

The Escape from Management Land presentation is the perfect way to introduce your team to the situations and symptoms common to the dreaded Management Land, as well as the solutions that can guide them back to Leader Land.

  Accelerate Team Performance Package
Our Price: $49.95


This package provides you with the tools and resources to productively lead your team. Regardless of how long you have been in a leadership role, these books will stimulate your thoughts and provide you direction for future success. Terrific deal for only $49.95!


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