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Live Your Values Poster
by Lee J. Colan and Julie Davis-Colan

Our Price: $29.95

Live Your Values Poster

Click here to enlarge.

This inspiring, colorful poster will liven up any room and motivate your team to live their values!

24" x 36"


Companion Products :

  Stick With It: Mastering the Art of Adherence - Hardcover

Our Price: $24.00

Learn how world-class leaders and organizations master the Art of Adherence. Stick with It reveals a time-tested, real-world validated formula for winning:

Focus X Competence X Passion = ADHERENCE

  Stick with It Workshop Facilitator's Presentation

Our Price: $249.95

This 120+ detailed and professionally designed slide show equips you to confidently and competently present all the key points and insights from Stick with It.

  Stick with It PowerPoint Briefing

Our Price: $99.95

The 45-slide, professionally designed briefing helps you highlight some key points from Stick with It with your team. Available as an immediate download to start using it today!

  Stick with It Poster

Our Price: $29.95

This inspiring, colorful poster will liven up any room and motivate any team member! It artfully displays the key phrases from the bestselling book, Stick with It: Mastering the Art of Adherence.