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Sticking to It: The Art of Adherence
  Sticking to It: The Art of Adherence
by Lee J. Colan, and Julie Davis-Colan

Our Price: $10.95

10-year follow-up to Lee's best-seller.

Win or Lose? You Choose.


The game is won by those who EXECUTE their strategies. StickingTo It: The Art of Adherence reveals the secrets to success for high-achieving individuals and teams. It offers practical steps to help you consistently executive your plans. Read it and WIN!"

Companion Products :

  Sticking To It Application Kit

Our Price: $399.95

The game is won by those who EXECUTE their strategies. This just-add-water Application Kit brings insights and applications to help your teams consistently execute their plans.

  Sticking To It Briefing Presentation

Our Price: $99.95

This dynamic presentation is a great tool to build Adherence to your plans!

Share the strategies from this book with your organizationÍs leaders. Use this presentation at your next staff meeting, conference or brown-bag lunch.

  STI - Adherence At-a-Glance reminder cards (set of 10)

Our Price: $19.95

Perfect to reinforce the key points from the workshop. Insprining, full-color image of climber and WIN on back of card. (set of 10)

  STI - Facilitator's Guide

Our Price: $149.95

Facilitator's Guide is filled with speaking notes, exercises, stories and tools (90+ pgs.)

  STI - Facilitator's Guide and PowerPoint CD

Our Price: $249.95

Dynamic PowerPoint presentation (80 slides). Also contains template invitation, follow-up memo, workshop feedback form and strategic action plan template. This downloadable Facilitator Guide is filled with speaking notes, exercises, stories and tools (90+ pgs.)

  Accelerate Educational Leadership Package
Our Price: $99.95


Provided specifically for the educational professional, this package provides leadership tools that will stimulate you and your team. Included is the best selling Listen Up, Teacher and Monday Morning Leadership. A terrific value at $99.95!


Quantity Discounts:

31 or more for $9.95 ea.
100 or more for $7.95 ea.

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