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107 Ways to Stick to It
  107 Ways to Stick to It
by Lee J. Colan, Julie Davis-Colan

Our Price: $10.95

What's the REAL secret to success?

Throughout our lifetime, we grasp at the latest fads and the newest techniques, all with the hope of capturing the magic we see in others who are highly successful. We emulate strong role models, we study, we strive -- all to find the secret of success.

Based on research and real-life experiences, the absolute highest-achieving people practice three things to win in the game of life. They continually:

  • Sharpen their Focus
  • Build their Competence
  • Ignite their Passion

Learn the secrets from the world's highest achievers. These 107 practical, inspiring tips will help you stick to it and WIN!


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  Accelerate Personal Growth Package
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Six books that will help you achieve your goals beginning today! The books in this package can help change your perspective on your career.

Begin your personal development today for only $69.95!


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