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Second Quarter ... Get the Most Out of Life's Toughest Times
  Second Quarter ... Get the Most Out of Life's Toughest Times
by David Cottrell

Our Price: $19.95

Turn a time of crisis into the greatest time of your life!

There are moments in life when pressures blitz you from every angle, unexpected challenges tackle you from out of nowhere, and uninvited tragedies you never could have imagined suddenly hit you head on.

You wonder, How can I ...
  • Prioritize my priorities?
  • Respond to unwanted changes?
  • Be optimistic despite the chaos surrounding you?
  • Find peace?
  • Live life to the fullest?
Second Quarter answers these questions. Using Scripture and moving personal stories, David Cottrell offers clear steps to create a life and spiritual game plan that will help you overcome personal adversity and become the person you desire to be.   

Your second quarter can be the catalyst for a victorious life!

  Accelerate Personal Growth Package
Our Price: $69.95


Six books that will help you achieve your goals beginning today! The books in this package can help change your perspective on your career.

Begin your personal development today for only $69.95!


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