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by David Cottrell and Robert Nix

Our Price: $22.00

INDISPENSABLE! Becoming the Obvious Choice in Business and in Life offers immediately actionable tips to help anyone achieve more, regardless of your past, your age, your economic condition, or your hardships. Success, whatever your definition or hopes are, is determined by action, commitment and effort. More often than not, effort trumps talent. The talented and gifted can become complacent. Indispensable! is for those who want to break through. It is for those willing to sincerely look within. It is for those who are willing to adapt. It is for those willing to take action. It is for those wanting to challenge life. It is for those wanting to control their own destiny.

INDISPENSABLE! is a guide to preparing right now for your next opportunity - to become valued, distinguished, and promotable in a highly competitive world. Itís an ongoing process of presenting and selling your personality, your abilities, and your motivation.  

Companion Products :

  Indispensable! Package

Our Price: $129.95

Ten books that will compliment the principles and methods taught in Indispensable!

Add these books to your collection for only $129.95!

  Indispensable! Presentation

Our Price: $99.95

Enhance the Indispensable experience in your organization with this professionally produced PowerPoint Slide Deck and easy-to-follow Facilitator's Guide. Use the presentation to kick off meetings and training sessions, or as a follow-up reinforcement tool.

  Accelerate Personal Growth Package
Our Price: $99.95


Eleven books that will help you achieve your goals beginning today! Included is the best selling TIME! and Orchestrating Attitude. The books in this package can help change your perspective on your career.

Begin your personal development today for only $99.95!