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INSPIRE! Notepads (set of 10)

Our Price: $19.95

INSPIRE! Notepads (set of 10)

Theses attractive, colorful notepads have a inspirational quote on every page!  Each pad contains 10 different quotes and two bright colors (green and blue).  Just what every teacher needs on their desks.

3 ˝” x 8” notepads (50 sheets/pad).

Set of 10.

Companion Products :

  INSPIRE! Connecting with Students to Make a Difference

Our Price: $10.95

What inspires students to learn? How do teachers make a real difference for students?

INSPIRE! delivers a fresh and simple pathway for teachers to connect with students and inspire them É everyday!

  INSPIRE! Learning Reinforcement Kit

Our Price: $12.95

A great resource for staff development. Includes one of each: INSPIRE! handbook, At-a-Glance Reminder Card and Notepad.

  INSPIRE! Presentation

Our Price: $99.95

Introduce and reinforce the INSPIRE! concepts to your team with this presentation. Use this professionally designed slide show for staff development and to reinforce the book. Simply download it and you are ready to inspire!

  INSPIRE! At-a-Glance Reminder Cards (set of 10)

Our Price: $19.95

These attractively designed, quick-reference cards summarize the 12 Connectors for inspiring students’ minds and hearts. Perfect for every teacher to have at their fingertips!

5” x 7” cards.

Set of 10.