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The LeaderShift Experience
by Ken Carnes, David Cottrell

   *(Downloadable Product)

Our Price: $199.00

The LeaderShift Experience

The LeaderShift Experience is a complete turn-key package that includes:

  • One (1) LeaderShift Book
  • LeaderShift PowerPoint Presentation
  • LeaderShift Interactive Online Program with guidebook

The Book
LeaderShift is not a traditional leadership book that lectures instead of teaches. This book is a compelling fable that allows you to eavesdrop and learn how one leader built a successful team. You will discover a practical framework that will help decrease turnover, improve job satisfaction and improve your bottom line.

LeaderShift identifies six shifts that go to the very heart of how to build a cohesive, effective, winning team. Whether you are leading a multinational organization or a small local restaurant, the powerful yet deceptively simple message is for everyone who strives to be an exceptional team leader.

The PowerPoint Presentation
The LeaderShift PowerPoint presentation is a cost-effective way to reinforce the lessons of the book to your organization. It is downloadable and includes facilitator guide, notes, and license for unlimited reproduction of participant guides for your internal company use.

The Interactive Online Program
LeaderShift Interactive reinforces the six shifts identified in the book, LeaderShift, in an interactive and compelling format. As you navigate through the course, a downloadable guidebook will help you turn each shift into action by taking the core concepts and personalizing them through questions and activities to create your go-forward plan in making your LeaderShift.

Please note: After your purchase, you will receive an email invitation to the CornerStone Leadership Institute Online Portal. Once you accept the invitation you will be brought to your online dashboard where you will have full access to LeaderShift Interactive.

*Most portal access invitations will be received within a couple of hours, however please allow up to 12 hours for us to create your account and receive your invitation. Thank you!

Companion Products :

  LeaderShift ... Making leadership everyone's business.

Our Price: $16.95

LeaderShift is a gripping fable that serves as a timeless reminder that the foundation of leadership is not about power but rather truth and humility, allowing others to take ownership for their success. It reinforces that long-lasting leadership requires as much courage as it does insight. The books powerful yet deceptively simple message provides a solid foundation for conducting business in a new way one that aligns the organization around a common set of principles.

  LeaderShift PowerPoint Presentation

Our Price: $149.00

Introduce and reinforce LeaderShift to your organization with this cost-effective, downloadable PowerPoint™ presentation. Includes facilitator guide and notes.