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Please Listen Up, Parents
  Please Listen Up, Parents
by Cameron Colan, Grace Colan & Lexi Colan

Our Price: $14.95

“As a Mom of 3 kiddos I find this read intentional, insightful and inspiring. The candidness and practicality from these young authors make it not just a one-time read, but an ongoing resource for family life.”
Rhonda France, RHIA,
Vice President
Strategic Partnerships, MCMC LLC

We think something is missing in all the talk about parenting: our perspective. As kids, we think we have something to contribute to the conversation.

We have different perspectives than you about a lot of things that affect our family, but we don’t always have the chance to share them with you.

We know we’re supposed to listen to you, and we try our best … even if we don’t always succeed. But we have some secrets to share from our point of view that you might find helpful.

So for just a few minutes, please listen up.

Foreword by Tom Ziglar

96 pages.

  Accelerate Personal Growth Package
Our Price: $99.95


Eleven books that will help you achieve your goals beginning today! The books in this package can help change your perspective on your career.

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