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STOP Workplace Sexual Harassment, Quickly & Permanently
  STOP Workplace Sexual Harassment, Quickly & Permanently
by Eric Harvey and Susan Fee

Our Price: $14.95

There are many versions and degrees of workplace sexual harassment, but they all need to be stopped and are all BAD FOR BUSINESS.

Workplace sexual harassment:

  • Clearly contradicts an organization's values, principles and operating standards
  • Tarnishes an organization's image and makes it difficult to recruit and retain high quality talent
  • Is a significantly damaging form of discrimination
  • Erodes employee respect, trust and confidence
  • If not properly addressed, can cause a BIG problem for a lot of people

This powerful and timely resource will help you train everyone in your organization so that you can Stop Workplace Sexual Harassment Quickly & Permanently. 

  Accelerate Powerful Leadership Package
Our Price: $129.95


Expand your personal or professional library with the Accelerate Powerful Leadership package. This package includes twelve dynamic books and will be a reference source for years to come. Only $129.95!


Quantity Discounts:

25 or more for $13.95 ea.
100 or more for $12.95 ea.
250 or more for $11.95 ea.
500 or more for $10.95 ea.
1000 or more for $9.95 ea.