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Monday Morning Choices... Personal Coaching Profile

   *(Online Profile)

List Price: $29.95
Special Price: $19.95
You Save: $10.00 (33%)

Monday Morning Choices... Personal Coaching Profile

This online profile assesses your personal strengths and provides insight to gaps or blind spots that may be preventing your success. This personal profile provides an in-depth, cost-effective look at the primary areas for leveraging personal strengths and development opportunities. 

Benefits of the Monday Morning Choices... Personal Coaching Profile:

  • Confidential feedback is completely confidential.
  • Online you can complete it anytime, anywhere. No need for a special meeting.
  • Easy to use simple, step-by-step instructions.  No software or installation required.
  • Cost effective only $29.95.

Companion Products :

  Monday Morning Choices Presentation

Our Price: $99.95

Enhance the Monday Morning Choices experience in your organization with this complete, hour-long presentation. This presentation is perfect for kickoff meetings, training sessions, or as a follow-on reinforcement tool.