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LeaderShift PowerPoint Presentation
by Ken Carnes, David Cottrell

   *(Downloadable Product)

Our Price: $149.00

LeaderShift PowerPoint Presentation

Introduce and reinforce LeaderShift to your organization with this cost-effective, downloadable PowerPointÈ presentation. Includes facilitator guide and notes.

Companion Products :

  LeaderShift ... Making leadership everyone's business.

Our Price: $16.95

LeaderShift is a gripping fable that serves as a timeless reminder that the foundation of leadership is not about power but rather truth and humility, allowing others to take ownership for their success. It reinforces that long-lasting leadership requires as much courage as it does insight. The books powerful yet deceptively simple message provides a solid foundation for conducting business in a new way -- one that aligns the organization around a common set of principles.

  The LeaderShift Experience

Our Price: $199.00

The LeaderShift Experience is a complete turn-key package that includes: One (1) LeaderShift book, the LeaderShift PowerPoint Presentation and the LeaderShift Interactive Online Program with guidebook