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Leadership Matters
  Leadership Matters
by Lee J. Colan

Our Price: $16.95

A Message from Lee Colan

"Love the Leadership Matters book!!!!! Just completed a book study with 18 of my Ops Mgrs across the US. We did a topic a day then on Friday's we created a blog to discuss what we learned and applied for the week. Turned out fantastic!!! One of my very favorite books!!!!!"

Sue Hudson
Asst. Director, Field Office Operations/Individual Field Operations
Principal Financial Group


Leadership Matters was written to inspire you to elevate your leadership so that you, in turn, can inspire your team. Imagine the possibilities if your team could consistently achieve extraordinary results...

  • What would it mean for your organization?
  • What would it mean for your team?
  • What would it mean for you and your career?

The 31 matters of leadership will guide you through a daily journey to inspire extraordinary results!

The topics are presented in a rapid-read, daily format designed for today's information-rich, time-poor world. For easy reference, they are organized in alphabetical order. At the end of each daily topic, you will find brief questions to help you bridge the gap between insight and application.

160 pages.

  Accelerate Powerful Leadership Package
Our Price: $79.95


Expand your personal or professional library with the Accelerate Powerful Leadership package. This package includes six dynamic books and will be a reference source for years to come. Only $79.95!


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