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The Spec Shaman: How to Get Your Building Products Specified
  The Spec Shaman: How to Get Your Building Products Specified
by Ron Blank, Ron Blank, Craig Haney & Brad Blank

Our Price: $29.00

Without a working background in marketing to design professionals, it is impossible for those individuals representing building product manufacturers  to understand how, why, and when product decisions are made, and how those decisions are incorporated into a construction project. And unless you have sat on the opposite side of the table from building product representatives as a design professional, you have no idea the mistakes and misunderstandings that design professionals see every day from marketing staff who call upon them and try to get their products used.

In developing this book, we strived to provide the tools and knowledge necessary so those in charge of marketing all the way through to design professionals will have what is needed so their endeavors bear fruit. This book offers something for everyone, from newly appointed marketing staff to seasoned veterans. It is in fact this latter group's response to our seminars that have often surprised us the most. The information learned from the following pages will be of great use to both the seasoned marketing head who has called on design professionals for years, as well as those just entering the field of building product representation.

By the time you have completed this book, you will have a new understanding of design professionals and how they think and work. That knowledge will make you a better marketer to design professionals; much better than your competitors who do not possess the same knowledge.


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